Mayday! It’s Mayday

April 29, 2020 2:34 pm

furniture, a door and hallway

Welcome to MAY! Any chance you feel like putting April behind us and looking ahead to a hopefully more prosperous May? Me, too! How are you doing?

As homebuyers are still encouraged to stay at home and practice social distancing, the residential real estate industry is in a challenging position. Have you taken advantage of technology in order to show your listings?

For a list of popular virtual tour software tools, click here.

Here are some excellent examples of virtual home tours. If you are thinking about shooting the footage yourself for a virtual tour, check out these tips:

  • Move slowly to allow the viewer enough time to see the house without becoming dizzy.
  • When showing important features of the house, count to 10 before moving the camera away.
  • Consider using a tripod; shaky hands make for seemingly unprofessional tours.

For more information on creating a virtual home tour with a 360-degree camera, click here.

I can work to pre-approve your buyers today! If you have some time and like Mitch Albom, this is a very interesting Audible, with new chapters coming soon!